Secondary level Mathematics

For Secondary 1 - 4/5 (N/O Level)

We Cover:

  • Lower Sec. Mathematics.

  • Additional Mathematics (N, O-Levels).

  • Elementary Mathematics (NA, Express O-levels).

Lesson Contents & Objectives:

  • Topical knowledge and skill learning

  • Learn key techniques to apply & identified common mistakes on respective topics

  • Systematic approaches on problem solving & structural answering skills learning

  • TYS continuous practice to equipped fundamental skills

  • Advanced level challenging questions assessment for conceptual application training

Teaching Approach:

  • Tutors will demonstrate step-by-step working flows to deliver systematic and effective calculation techniques

  • Customized worksheet and individualized coaching

  • Small group learning (2-6 students)

  • Tutor will focus on identified weakness and perform corrections on wrong concepts from individual students

  • Repetitive practice, alternative tools on conceptual explanations to clarify doubts