Art Class


  • Build the confidence and interest in drawing through proper guidance

  • Stimulate play & fun arts from color blending and toning. - Learn foreground, background drawing techniques and perspective.

  • Creative thinking & observation skills.

  • half hour of guideline drawings of cartoon characters

  • Basic 2 – 9 pages of oil pastels and 1 page of painting

  • Basic 3 – 5 pages of oil pastels and 5 pages of painting


  • Learning practice for still-life drawing with different mediums

  • Identify different types of brushes

  • Paint with tonal values and complimentary colours

  • In depth learning of perspective drawing (1 point & 2 point)

  • Explores creativity and encourage new ideas

  • Comic drawing to learn about proportions and facial expression.


  • Explore types of surrealism art and create own story behind each painting

  • Still-life painting and charcoal drawing

  • End of the month – Art and Craft week!