Primary level Mathematics

For Primary 1 - 6

Lesson Contents & Objectives

  • Identify Keywords and Applying Solving Skills. Learn to identify mathematics keywords and apply the solving skills accurately.

  • Topical Concept and skills. Practice on mathematical concepts and skills on each topic.

  • Step-by-step guidance. on various types of word problems.

  • Heuristic Questions Solving. Learn branching, unitary & assumption methods to apply.

  • Regular Topical Test. and various revision to ensure students are well prepared for examination.

  • Score Chart. encourage & stimulate students learning through progressive improvement score.

Teaching Approach

  • Step 1: Conceptual Understanding

We help student to develop a deep understanding on the topical concepts, and to make sense of various mathematical ideas as well as their connections and applications.

  • Step 2: Developing Skill Proficiency

We help students to develop proficiencies in mathematical skills by exposing students to various types of questions. Students would have opportunities to use and practice the skills. These skills would be taught with an understanding of the underlying mathematical principles and not merely as procedures.

  • Step 3: Examination Questions Practice

Axcell’s teaching is examination-oriented. We focus on examination questions and train our students to excel in them.